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Our History, Our Technology, Our Approach

Our History

Utilising the principles of biomimicry, the first Striplox designs were inspired by the way clams and other seashells attach themselves to rock ledges using anchors at the end of hundreds of small filaments, called byssus threads. These threads, although thin and flexible, have a high tensile strength and can produce a very strong hold when their strength is added together.

This principle was then applied to Striplox, developing a system that involves two interlocked edges that quickly mesh together like the teeth of a zipper, except each locking tooth (tab) have their very own unique differences in the angles, creating extra strength with its matching component. A locking key is placed between the interlocking teeth and slid or levered only one pitch length into place, wedging the joint edges together with a uniformly loaded force along the entire length or circumference of the join.

Independent engineering and industry assessments using both computer modeling and physical stress tests on various Striplox joins have determined that despite the fact that they use less materials they could be several times stronger than a bolted flange or other similar methods. The result is an innovative joining system that is simple, inexpensive, fast and is suitable for a wide variety of materials and proven to be strong enough to cover a range of industrial applications.

Superior Technology

It’s a simple, important and yet often overlooked engineering fact that to
create anything man-made, you must join things together.

  • car-parts

    Striplox is a range of strong and versatile mechanical joining systems that allow simple, safe and efficient assembly, without complex methods, processes or multiple parts. Striplox delivers a uniformly loaded join by spreading the loads and forces evenly across the entire join.

  • time-management

    With a Striplox solution, traditional, time consuming, labour intensive joining methods such as nuts, bolts, screws, welding and adhesives are no longer used. Striplox technology can join traditionally incompatible materials as well as objects that have complex curved edges.

  • technical-support

    Striplox patented technologies are proven cutting edge engineering solutions that make the simple, yet highly imperative task of joining perfect every time.

  • profit

    Our joining innovations are embedded in the technology, products and processes of leading-edge multinational companies and governments on a global basis saving them millions of dollars and reductions in labour costs.

Striplox Helps Reduce Costs
in a Number of Industries

Less parts, quicker and safer assembly, simpler designs along with using less materials
and less quantities of parts and components helps reduce costs across the board.

We also create opportunities where products can be made in parts and flat-packed for easy transport and assembled
quickly and easily on site. By using Striplox, many products can be disassembled, fixed and then re-assembled throughout
the life of the product. Striplox also makes it easier and cost-effective to both recycle and re-use, which helps reduce
your carbon footprint. Our products are used across a variety of industries, including the following:

  • factory_wht


  • truck_wht


  • home_wht


  • building_wht


  • civil-engineering_wht


  • ship


  • cogwheel


  • mining


  • recycle


  • government


Our Approach

We partner with you to deliver tangible business results through leading-edge engineering solutions ensuring you are always in front. Our deep commitment to understanding your needs, synergised with superior engineering solutions, enhance the success of your business.

Our investment and focus on research and development means we provide our customers a continuing competitive advantage. We are committed to delivering new engineering concepts and innovations for our clients. We have a global network of partners, sales, service and distribution hubs that share common values and commitment to customised service. This network communicates seamlessly across geographically dispersed locations to help clients find the best solutions for every situation.

Striplox solutions enable businesses to be smarter, more efficient and effective, while providing a quality result every time. We pride ourselves on our exceptional client service and support.

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