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More on the Striplox Shelflox extendable

More on the Striplox Shelflox extendable

The Shelflox extendable by Striplox is another great seamless joinery product that can be easily installed resulting in a clean finish for shelving.

The Shelflox extendable is completely hidden and adjustable which allows for different depth in shelves.

Instead of using traditional methods of installing a shelf by nailing or drilling in from the sides of the cabinetry, the Shelflox extendable works by attaching 10mm router groove female brackets inside the shelving before sliding it directly into the cavity where the male bracket and slider are fixed with screws. It can be easily disassembled and is the only product on the market where you can use 16mm materials and remain 100 per cent hidden shelf support system with seamless joinery.

For an adjustable shelving bracket, the Striplox Shelflox extendable is ultra strong. It has a load capacity guide of 510kg. Striplox products are designed and tested for a range of applications and product use is subject to variable materials and conditions.

The Shelflox extendable is also adjustable to suit a variety of depths from 215mm to 600mm. It also has the added benefit of shelves being able to be positioned opposite each other horizontally with one single end panel. The brackets are suitable for all cabinets, furniture, pantries and wardrobes using MDF, particle board or timber.

Striplox makes cabinetry easier

Striplox’s invisible joinery fixings are phenomenal solutions for shelving, wall fixings, cabinetry and furniture making by providing a strong and tight connection every time. Gone are the days of grips and glue everywhere when it comes to joinery. The Striplox product range is perfect for hundreds of tool-free jobs.

Striplox joiners

Whether you are hanging cabinets or floating shelves, Striplox has a product for your job. We can make assembling cabinets and bookcases easier while hanging mirrors and frames has never been easier. The products are reusable and have a large load capacity which offer endless possibilities.

Our biscuit solutions are made from hard plastic with grip spikes which provide added strength when fusing two pieces of wood together. While traditional wood biscuits lose their shape and are prone to breaking, Striplox biscuits will never lose shape and provide a superior result every time. Take a look at our Striplox biscuits here.

At Striplox, we pride ourselves on never letting you down. Our products are made using cutting edge technology with the purpose of improving seamless solutions. They are durable and secure which saves you time and money on those joinery jobs.

Striplox has a range of seamless joinery solutions so if you would like to have a chat about any of our products, contact Striplox today.

Posted on 17 March 2022.

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