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Simplify Exhibition Stand Assembly with Striplox

Are you tired of the labour-intensive, time-consuming process of setting up exhibition stands? Striplox, the industry leader in joining solutions, offers a range of innovative products that will revolutionise the way you assemble and disassemble exhibition stands. From panel fixing systems to furniture connectors, Striplox will make your next exhibition building experience run smoother and be more cost-effective.

Setting the Industry Benchmark

At Striplox, we take pride in setting the benchmark for design and innovation in the industry. Our world-class range of joining products has been designed to simplify the assembly and disassembly of exhibition stands, leaving you with more time to focus on – showcasing your products and services.

The Striplox Advantage

  1. Strong and Secure Assembly: Striplox products are built to withstand the rigors of the exhibition world. Our panel fixing systems and wood joining systems ensure that your exhibition stand remains sturdy and secure, providing a safe and attractive backdrop for your brand.
  1. Invisible Fixings: With our invisible fixings, you can maintain a clean and seamless appearance for your stand. No unsightly screws or brackets will detract from your display, ensuring a professional and elegant look.
  1. Timber Joiners and Shelf Supports: Striplox offers a wide range of timber joiners and shelf supports, perfect for creating versatile and eye-catching displays. These products allow you to customise your stand layout with ease, giving you the flexibility, you need.
  1. Furniture Connectors and Screws: Assembling furniture for your exhibition stand has never been easier. Striplox’s furniture connectors and screws simplify the process, reducing the time and effort required. No more struggling with complex assembly instructions or wobbly furniture.
  1. Metal Brackets: When you need extra reinforcement, our metal brackets are up to the task. They provide added strength and stability for larger displays or heavy items, giving you peace of mind during the exhibition.

Cost-Effective Solutions with Less Labour

Striplox solutions are not just about making your exhibition stand assembly easier, they also help you save money. By reducing labour and installation time, you can allocate your resources more efficiently. With Striplox, you can achieve more with less, increasing your overall cost-effectiveness.

So, why struggle with the traditional methods of assembly when Striplox offers you a better way? Make your next exhibition stand build a breeze with Striplox’s easy-to-use, labour-saving products. Your competitors will wonder how you make it look so effortless.

Speak to the Experts at Striplox

Ready to begin planning your new exhibition stand? Visit Striplox online for more information about invisible fixing products and panel fixing systems that will help you build better – faster! Simple, strong, and secure, their wide range of panel fixings is the best on the market. Australian-owned, designed, and manufactured, their products are distributed to over 60 countries. Located in Thornlands, Queensland, they ship their fixings anywhere in the world.

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Posted on 26 October 2023.

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