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Your guide to the Striplox Pro 55 connectors

The Striplox Pro 55 connectors are invisible joinery solutions that can be used on a variety of products and applications both domestic and commercial.

When it comes to invisible joinery, Striplox is at the forefront of creating environmentally friendly reusable connectors across various settings like cabinetry, furniture making, health and aged care construction for use by amateurs and professionals.

How the Striplox Pro 55 works

The Striplox Pro 55 connects objects like cabinet panels or furniture components together in seconds without the need for clamping and glue while retaining a load capacity of up to 200kg depending on the application. Produced in durable black reinforced resin, the Striplox Pro 55 connectors can be pulled down, relocated and generally connected as many times as you like.

The Striplox invisible joinery advantage

Your labour costs can be greatly reduced by using the Striplox Pro 55 because of the patented intelligent assembly. The Striplox Pro 55 has been designed by engineers to enable flat packing of products on a commercial level before easy construction when the products get to the job location without the need for tools, grips or glue. It can be used in a variety of applications such as wall panelling, ceilings, partitioning, cabinetry, kitchens, bathrooms, retail displays, fixtures, frames, wood joints, acoustic panelling, signage, furniture, RV and caravan joinery, boats and more. Our products can also make furniture making easier.

What sets Striplox apart

Striplox manufactures a number of invisible joinery options for a variety of uses around the home or workplace. They can be used to hang cabinets or seamless shelving because the unique locking system produces a perfect finish every time. It’s the same way the Striplox Pro 55 connectors can be configured in different ways to provide a hidden fixing with no visible screws, brackets or fasteners. Striplox was developed so two interlocked edges could quickly mesh together like a zipper but every tooth has its own unique angle to create strength and wedge tightly together to prevent any movement. Here are some different types of Striplox invisible fixings.

Better for the environment

By design there is little waste in the invisible joinery process because there isn’t a need for as many components that you would use in traditional joinery. It’s our aim to adopt standards that reflect our commitment to consumer expectations. All environmental factors are considered in the production process when it comes to disposal of waste and our company decisions are made with reducing our carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency in mind.

With unlimited applications across domestic and commercial jobs, and with designers looking for better invisible joinery options, now is the time to email Striplox to get in touch about our range. It’s a simple, fast and inexpensive solution to your joinery needs.

Posted on 01 June 2022.

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